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New York

Living In New York

Let us be your guide to all that New York has to offer, from finding a place to live to landing your dream job to choosing the perfect restaurant for a night Read More »

Statue by Night tour (Photo: New York Water Taxi)

Best Tours to Take for Captivating New York Views

NYC views aren’t just about the skyline. They’re also about the High Line rising against the Hudson River, the mighty steel cables of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty glowing in the moonlight. Hop on these 10 tours for memorable city views

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About Living in NY

New and noteworthy happenings from Manhattan to Staten Island

The 10 Most Eye-Catching Subway Art in New York City

In a city as creative as New York, it’s no wonder that you’ll find incredible artwork, even as you descend below the earth.

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10 Best Street Food in New York City

New York City’s street food is as much an enduring icon as landmarks, such as the Empire State Building or Central Park.

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10 Places for the Perfect Picnic in New York City

Who says you can’t picnic in the concrete jungle? Throughout the five boroughs, there are green spaces for every type of picnic

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Picholine (Photo: Picholine)

10 Soothing Restaurants Where You Can Have a Conversation

Looking to close the deal at a business dinner? Or catch up with someone you haven’t seen in ages? Maybe you need to have a heart-to-heart with a loved one.

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View of Manhattan from Alma Brooklyn Rooftop. (Photo: Courtesy of Alma, Photo by Michael Berman)

10 NYC Restaurants with Amazing Views

The geography that made New York so attractive to 16th century explorers does an equal job for restaurateurs of the 21st.

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Staten Island Ferris Wheel Officially Starts Construction

This week, major progress has been made on what may be one of New York’s biggest tourist attractions— and no, we’re not kidding when we say it’s happening on Staten Island.

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Citibikes (Photo: Shinya Suzuki/Flickr CC)

Citi Bike Surges in Popularity — and Expands Across NYC

The studies show: As the city grows, so does the number of New Yorkers taking up bicycling. The NYC Department of Transportation just released a transit report and found

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