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New York

Living In New York

Let us be your guide to all that New York has to offer, from finding a place to live to landing your dream job to choosing the perfect restaurant for a night Read More »

One World Observatory (Photo: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

The New York City Winter Bucket List

Celebrate the most magical time of year with this ultimate winter to-do list in NYC

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About Living in NY

New and noteworthy happenings from Manhattan to Staten Island

8 One-of-a-Kind Spectacles in New York City

When it comes to New York, bigger is better — and this is especially evident in its wild and wonderful spectacles. No idea is too outlandish and no show too flashy

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10 Most Unique Cuisines of NYC

One of the most exciting ways to eat through New York City: stamping your culinary passport. With an estimated 140 cuisines to offer across five boroughs, it’s easy to bring the palate on a trip around the globe, without ever leaving city limits.

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View of Manhattan from Alma Brooklyn Rooftop. (Photo: Courtesy of Alma, Photo by Michael Berman)

10 NYC Restaurants with Amazing Views

The geography that made New York so attractive to 16th century explorers does an equal job for restaurateurs of the 21st.

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Matzo Ball Soup at 2nd Avenue Deli (Photo: Jon Parker/Eatery Row)

Warm Up: 9 Most Delicious Soups in NYC

It takes a hearty disposition to blunt the sharp edge of the New York City’s winter winds, particularly when funneled down the streets and avenues, picking up enough power to penetrate any number of layers

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A rendering of the exterior of Empire Stores, Dumbo (Photo: Empire Stores)

8 Most Anticipated NYC Real Estate Openings of 2016

There’s no shortage of buildings opening these days in New York. Last year washailed for its rock-solid real estate market,

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(Photo: Mlcastle/Flickr CC)

Defunct NYC Pay Phones to Become WiFi Hotspots in 2016

Finally, a use for the many defunct pay phones that still line New York City streets. This year, the city is moving ahead with aplan to transform 7,500 pay phones

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