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Midtown West

Patience the Lion sits near the entrance of the main branch of the New York Public Library.

It's West of Fifth Ave. but the Center of Manhattan's Best Known Attractions

What can't you find in Midtown West? The Empire State Building, Times Square, Broadway theaters, the New York Public Library, Carnegie Hall...the eye-popping list of famous destinations is seemingly endless and jammed with the city's biggest draws.

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At a Glance

  • Free show: Floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the Joan Weill Center for Dance give passersby a freebie "performance" during rehearsals.
  • Get in shape: The Empire State Building Run-Up is a race up the skyscraper's 1,576 stairs. Record time: 9 mins. and 33 secs.
  • Namesake: Times Square gets its name from The New York Times, which has been based here since 1904.

Nearby Neighborhoods

About Midtown West

From the neon-lit hoopla of Times Square to the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, Midtown West is a frenetic grid of world-famous landmarks and commercial skyscrapers. Office workers hustle though the area to make their 9-to-5s, while visitors linger — eating, shopping and people watching before showtime at one of the area's many performance venues. After a brief spell of seediness in the second half of the 20th century, the city made great strides in cleaning up the neighborhood. Read More [+]

LIVING in Manhattan

The Great Lawn in Central Park (Photo: Yourdon/Flickr)

The Best Parks in New York City

New York may be one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but you’re rarely more than a few blocks away from green space. Read More »

Secrets to Getting a Hot Table in New York City

Secrets to Getting a Hot Table in NYC

It’s an all-too familiar scenario: an out-of-town couple visiting New York for their anniversary want to dine at the hottest spot in town. Read More »


ethnic eats

Ethnic Eats: Best Places to Shop and Snack

New York City has been known as the “Great Melting Pot” since the early 1900s, and all those years of cultural diversity have had quite a positive impact on its food.Wandering from borough to borough and neighborhood to neighborhood, nomadic Read More »

Veselka (Photo: Edenpictures/Flickr)

The 10 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in New York

New York is the city that never sleeps. And that’s a good thing for any visitors trying to do it all in a place with infinite opportunities to experience food, theater, shopping, culture and world-class nightlife. Read More »

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