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Murray Hill

A row of Indian restaurants in Manhattan's Murray Hill

A Popular and Serene Residential Neighborhood, Just Steps from the Action

The Astors and the Morgans had stately mansions here, but Murray Hill is decidedly less fancy these days. Its proximity to major sites and commercial areas make it popular with young professionals starting out in the city, and visitors who want to be close to the action.

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At a Glance

  • Top spot: The highest point in Murray Hill now is said to be Park Avenue at 38th; Mr. Murray's country house once stood just to the south, but that higher slope was razed.
  • Namesake: Second Avenue's St. Vartan Park is named for an Armenian martyred in battle in 416.
  • Laugh track: The Amateur Comedy Club has owned One Sniffen Court, off 36th Street, since 1884. The association first opened its performances to the public after World War I.

Nearby Neighborhoods

About Murray Hill

Once rolling farmland dotted with country homes, and then an enclave of mansions for New York's elite, Murray Hill is a bit of a mixed bag. Though centrally located north of the Empire State Building and south of Grand Central Terminal, the east side neighborhood is relatively free of high-rises and office towers. Instead, you'll find mainly independent and specialty shops along Fifth and Madison Avenues (though nothing very fancy or fashion-forward), casual dining and drinking establishments on Read More [+]

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(Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss, Photos: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images, iStockphoto)

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