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Downtown Flushing

Downtown Flushing in Queens is home to a vibrant Chinatown.

Queens's Chinatown is Full of Authentic (and Inexpensive) Cuisine

Venture out to Queens for a master course in Asian cuisine. Sample dishes from Shanghai, Taiwan, Xi'an, and beyond in restaurants ranging from cramped stalls to sprawling dim sum palaces.

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At a Glance

  • Squeeze in: Flushing-Main Street on the 7 line is the busiest subway station outside Manhattan.
  • Big screen: The Unisphere, a 120-foot-tall sculpture of Earth, made its debut at the 1964 World's Fair; it has also been in movies like Men in Black.
  • Power to the people: In 1657, citizens drafted the "Flushing Remonstrance" to object the governor's decision to ban Quaker worship.

Nearby Neighborhoods

About Downtown Flushing

Downtown Flushing feels like a crowded Asian city center. In the 1970s, Taiwanese immigrants started a trend that put Flushing on the path to becoming the heart of Queens's Asian community. Visitors exiting the Flushing-Main Street 7 subway station, at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street, find themselves surrounded in all directions by people, and more importantly food. From its tiny market stalls and Asian food courts to vast, multi-level restaurants, Downtown Flushing is a Read More [+]

LIVING in Queens

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