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New York

A History of New York City

The city we know as New York City is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. New York is known as a center of finance, entertainment, museums, sports and much more. Most people, however, don't know the history of the "Big Apple".

The first person to visit the area which is now known as New York City was Giovanni da Verrazano who discovered the area in 1524, when he sailed into the area and landed there. The discovery and first settlement of the area occurred in 1609 by Henry Hudson, who found the location while searching for a new route to Asia. The settlement was called New Amsterdam and established as a Dutch trading colony. The name of the settlement would eventually become New York in 1664, when the British took control of the colonies.

New York City became an important city during the Revolutionary War period and for a brief time period, it was Capital of the new United States after the colonies declared their independence. In the 1800's, with the opening of the Erie Canal providing passage to the Great Lakes, New York became one of the most important sea ports on the Atlantic Ocean, and became a center of trade. This lead to a substantial population growth into the largest city in the United States.

New York City also became a destination for immigrants coming in to the country to begin a new life. In the early 1900's millions of people came though Ellis Island seeking citizenship in the United States. A vast majority of these immigrants settled in New York City, which today is still one of the most diverse populations in the world.

Over time the city has grown to be a population center in the United States as well as a center for various activities. New York City is known for Broadway, the fabulous skyline, Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, top sports venues and teams, and is one of the top destinations for tourists around the world. Below, please find some additional information about the history of New York City.

Early Settlement as New Amsterdam

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Revolutionary Period

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Early America Period

Ellis Island

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Early 20th Century

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Modern New York

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