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Carey Jones is a Brooklyn-based writer with a focus on food, drink, and travel. She is the former managing editor of leading food site Serious Eats, and has worked with New York magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Gourmet Live, and more. Off the clock, she loves cheap Brooklyn eats and expensive Manhattan cocktails.

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  • Two pastas at Perla (Photos: Henry Hargreaves/Courtesy of Perla)

    Top 10 Italian Restaurants in NYC

    Not too long ago in our city’s culinary history — say, 15 years back — “Italian restaurant” meant one thing: hearty red-sauce Italian-American. Read More

  • The Lambs Club (Photo: Courtesy of The Lambs Club)

    10 Best Pre-Theater Dinners in NYC

    There’s no more time-honored tradition than dinner and a show. But it can be difficult to track down a great pre-theater meal around Times Square and the Theater District. Read More

  • Falafel and hummus at Taim (Photo: Taim)

    10 Great Cheap New York City Restaurants

    Dining out in New York can add up quickly, between tasting menu dinners, upscale lunch joints and $16 cocktails. Read More

  • Dine out in the Bronx (Illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss)

    10 Restaurants in the Bronx Worth the Subway Ride

    Long a patchwork of neighborhoods settled by different immigrant populations, the Bronx has the culinary landscape to reflect that history. Arthur Avenue is considered a Little Italy par excellence (or is that per eccellenza?), and Riverdale attracted and has retained a substantial Jewish population. Read More

  • Brooklyn Grange (Photo: Courtesy of Brooklyn Grange)

    6 Pioneering Rooftop Gardens in NYC — and Where to Eat Their Produce

    Over the last few years, more than a few rooftop farms have sprouted up across New York City. Mostly they’re atop warehouses, which offer the square footage needed for large-scale farming, but you can also find them crowning restaurants Read More

  • Luke's Lobster (Photo: Amlamster/Flickr CC)

    5 of New York City’s Best Fish Shacks

    As summer lunches go, it’s hard to improve upon a fresh lobster roll or crisp fried clams, best eaten with a water view, the salty breeze blowing by. New York can’t quite compete with the romance of a roadside shack in Maine or Connecticut Read More

  • Shake Shack burgers (Photo: Maveric2003/Flickr CC)

    10 Best Burgers in NYC

    New Yorkers love their pizza, their pastrami sandwiches, their bagels, but if you stop there, you’re forgetting a big one: burgers. And why not? A perfect burger is a beautiful thing — and many a restaurant’s reputations have lived Read More

  • New York Botanical Garden Mother’s Day Garden Party (Photo: NYBG)

    7 Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in NYC

    Moms deserve a lot more celebration than just one day of the year. But when you’re looking to honor Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014, New York presents plenty Read More

  • NYC's 10 Best Bars and Restaurants for Rooftop Drinking (Photo: Ink 48 Press Lounge)

    NYC’s 10 Best Bars and Restaurants for Rooftop Drinking

    Hotels, bars and restaurants all over New York make the most of their city footprint with expansive rooftop lounges, and come summer, they’re prime destinations for early evening sunlight or a front-row Read More

  • Salvation Taco (Photo: Courtesy of Salvation Taco)

    Where to Eat in NYC on Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo — held each year, as the name suggests, on the fifth of May — commemorates Read More

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Two pastas at Perla (Photos: Henry Hargreaves/Courtesy of Perla)

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in NYC

Eat your way across Italy -- without leaving New York. From old-world red-sauce joints to gourmet palaces with whole roast pigs and beef-cheek ravioli, here's our roundup of the tastiest Italian cuisine in the city

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