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As the name suggests, theater is the main draw to the Theater District—and arguably to New York City as a whole. This neighborhood is bustling with tourists day and night, all year round. Theater District restaurants cater to the constant flow of visitors, and several of the New York restaurants here have become tourist attractions in their own right.

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Due to the heavy tourist traffic in Midtown New York, restaurants in the Theater District often have higher prices than you'll find in other neighborhoods. There are some inexpensive gems in here, though, like the Cuban hole-in-the-wall Margon. Grab a takeout lunch here and get a huge serving for a low price. Dinner in the Theater District may require some advance planning. Be sure to secure reservations so that you don't miss your show, or find yourself waiting for a long time among throngs of theatergoers. Chez Josephine is a favorite pre-show dinner for tourists, celebrities, and locals alike. This New York restaurant tribute to Josephine Baker, run by her son Jean-Claude, really personifies the Theater District experience. Enjoy live piano music while dining on classic French cuisine. During Prohibition, the Theater District was home to a collection of speakeasies serving up illegal hooch. Sardi's is a surviving relic of that time, only the cocktails are legal now. Use our New York restaurants search tool to sort out the truly good Theater District dining options from the mere tourist traps.

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