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A great way to discover New York: Book a boat, bus, walking or bike tour and see the city anew. Read more »

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Taking a tour is a terrific way to see New York. Book one of our picks for a bus, boat, walking or bike tour now!

A great way to get a feel for the city is on a detailed walking tour. Go behind the scenes with knowledgeable guides as you stroll through the historic neighborhoods like Harlem, Times Square, Greenwich Village and Chelsea that still shape the city today. Or, get into the spirit of this spooky time of year and explore urban legends and dark lore on a haunted walking tour.

Board a double decker bus for a scenic vantage point high above the bustling city streets. Loop from one neighborhood to the next and gain a comprehensive overview of the city during the day or night. Many tours offer hop on and hop off service at popular attractions too so you can easily make it to everything on your list. Or, get a new perspective by heading out on a relaxing boat tour in the harbor for a fresh view of the cityscape.

You can also let your appetite be your guide as you experience New York bite by bite on a food tour. From craft beers to New York pizza and dessert there’s a tour for every taste. And, you can always work off a few of those calories on a bike tour. Plus, fall is the perfect time for a foliage ride through Central Park or a bike tour that takes you through some fascinating Brooklyn neighborhoods.

We’ve not only got a great selection of tours, but we can help you decide the best tours to book too. Whether by boat, bike, foot or double-decker bus, guided tours can give you an insider’s view of New York City. Book your tickets here today.



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