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@NewYorkcom and our Twitter followers got a treat yesterday in the form of an exclusive interview #TreeTalk with @30RockTree him — or is it her? — self. The witty, prolific tree has been Tweeting its innermost thoughts and feelings on its most public of situations since April of 2009 and had a lot to say about Wednesday’s lighting ceremony (there’s a Bloomberg joke), its drink of choice (hint: it’s clear) and how it feels about lumber mills (spoiler alert: denial).


30 Rock Tree Twitter Chat

(Photo-illustration: Mary-Louise Price Foss; Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images,

@30RockTree: The humans at @NewYorkcom are going to interview this talkative tree here on Twitter in 30 min at 3pm ET. You can follow along at #TreeTalk.
@NewYorkcom: Scored an interview with a #NYC icon more famous than @S_C_! @EverythingNYC @Gothamist @VillageVoice @DK_Travel Live chat at 3PM! #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: We’ll be chatting with an iconic #NYC figure in 10 min! @TimesSquareNYC @NY1Headlines @Gawker @nycgov join in! #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: We’re ready to get started with our exclusive chat with @30RockTree! #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q1: @30RockTree Just to get comfortable, you have no balls, should we take that literally? #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A1: @NewYorkcom Just because you can’t SEE them doesn’t mean I don’t have them. Bring it. #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree We’re not below peeking! : ) #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q2: @30RockTree We’ll start with your big debut last night, what was it like to have @MikeBloomberg flip your switch? #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A2: Oh that was Bloomberg? I thought he was one of the kids that was dancing during Mariah Carey’s performance. Oops. My bad. #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree Easy mistake to make #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: He also tried to restrict the amount of water in my bowl, but let’s mov eon… RT @NewYorkcom: @30RockTree Easy mistake to make #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree 16oz just doesn’t cut it when you’re 12 tons #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q3 @30RockTree We heard @kelly_clarkson hit on you…anyone else make a move? We saw John Rzeznik of the @GooGooDolls give ya a wink #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A3: Well @SavannahGuthrie has always had a thing for me. Notice how she was standing by me all night? She likes me lit up. #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A3: As for Mr. Rzenik, I think he was confused. We all were confused. I mean it was like we were transported back to the 90s. #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree Yea and it wasn’t even #TBT #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: I wish it was. At 75 years old, I would kill to be 60 again! RT @NewYorkcom: @30RockTree Yea and it wasn’t even #TBT #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q4: .@MariahCarey is singing at the National Christmas Tree lighting in D.C. too (@GoParks). How does it feel to be two-timed? #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A4: No good for her! I mean, it’s a rough economy. I’m sure she and @nickcannon could use the cash. Not like he works or anything #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q5 @30RockTree Not to get all @Oprah on you, but what was it like being uprooted from your homeland of Connecticut after 75 years? #TreeTalk
@The_ChrisBryant: @NewYorkcom @30RockTree #TreeTalk is about to get sappy.
@30RockTree: A5: Leave a life where squirrels use you as a storage unit for their nuts to having beautiful women wink at you? Yeah. I’m okay. #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree And lets not forget the beautiful men #JohnRzeznik #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A5: But I will say converting carbon dioxide to oxygen in the city is much much more of a pain to do here. Thanks, humans!!! #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q6: @30RockTree Can you let us in on your beauty regime? We know sprucing yourself up must not be easy when you’re 75. #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A6: Easy. I just do what every true New Yorker does: hire professionals and pay them a lot of money to make you look good. #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree Also helps when you have 550 pounds of crystal courtesy of @swarovski on your head #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: Such a pain the trunk! RT @NewYorkcom @30RockTree Also helps when you have 550lbs of crystal courtesy of @swarovski on your head #TreeTalk

@NYCRobyn: #treetalk @NewYorkcom can you find out the truth about @30RockTree drinking problem. I heard he was really in rehab up in Connecticut.
@NewYorkcom: @NYCRobyn @30RockTree Are the rumors true? #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: .@NewYorkcom In regards to the vodka in my bowl, I mean, who in the doesn’t enjoy a drink or 10 every now and again…or every day? #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q7: @30RockTree Why vodka? Everybody knows whisky is the true winter warmer. Also: @GreyGoose or @KetelOne? #TreeTalk
@JohnVilanova: Going out on a limb here, but @newyorkcom and @30RockTree are slaying me right now with the tree jokes. I am a sucker for bad puns.
@30RockTree: A7: Water is clear. Vodka is clear. No one can tell the difference. It might be @GreyGoose or @KetelOne. Depends who has cash. #TreeTalk

@selizcox: @30RockTree @kanyewest claims that he is actually the most famous and sexist tree in the world. Any response? #TreeTalk @NewYorkcom
@30RockTree: .@selizcox Kanye who? Next question. #TreeTalk @kanyewest @NewYorkcom
@selizcox: @30RockTree “Imma let you finish, but Beyonce has the best Christmas tree of all time.” @kanyewest @NewYorkcom

@NewYorkcom: Q8: @30RockTree What’s your best side? #selfies #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A8: @NewYorkcom Please take all shots with me above the ice rink. Photos with me from the ice rink level makes my trunk look fat. #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A8: First off, if you look at me closely, I’m giving you my “I’m not impressed” look. Gives @GrumpyCat a run for her money. #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q9: @30RockTree What’s on your holiday playlist? Our favorites are Timber by @keshasuxx and Fake Plastic Trees by @radiohead #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: A9: Well the roller rink DJ below FINALLY stopped playing Blurred Lines. Got so sick of trying to think of what rhymes with hug me #TreeTalk

@NewYorkcom: Q10: @30RockTree Sry to end on a sad note…have you given any thought to the countdown to the lumber mill? #33daystogo #teamtree #TreeTalk
@The_ChrisBryant: @NewYorkcom @30RockTree Shit just got real on #TreeTalk.
@30RockTree: A10: I don’t know about you @NewYorkcom, but I plan on living forever. I mean doesn’t everybody??? #denial #TreeTalk
@NewYorkcom: @30RockTree We’ll be enjoying you for the next 33 days at least! #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: I’m here for all of your New Facebook Profile Photo needs! MT @NewYorkcom: @30RockTree We’ll be enjoying you for the next 33 days! #TreeTalk
@lvl41curmudgeon: @NewYorkcom @30RockTree – Its ok, you can be my pencil and Ill have you in my pocket close to my heart.
@mjfrombuffalo: @30RockTree #TreeTalk was awesome.

Post Chat:
@NewYorkcom: Thnx to @30RockTree for chatting with us… go and get your picture before he leaves #HadToDoIt #TreeTalk
@30RockTree: It was a pleasure to tweet with @NewYorkcom and I’m sure it was a huge honor for them to tweet with Mr. Tree. Smooches. #TreeTalk
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