Life is full of decisions. You’ve decided to see a show. You’ve bought your tickets–maybe a few weeks in advance, or maybe that afternoon on the TKTS line. You’ve decided what to wear and maybe even picked out some cool but comfy shoes to set off your outfit. The next important decision for your theater outing will most likely be where you’ll eat before or after the show. 


With over 26,500+ restaurants currently open in New York City, you might have a tough time choosing a place for a pre-show lunch or dinner. You may want to make your dining choice easy by going with something familiar like a chain restaurant. Don’t.


Just because Times Square may look like a mall, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat in the food court. Believe us, there is life after The Olive Garden. And if you look past the familiar but reliable signs that say Bubba Gumps, TGI Fridays, and Applebee’s, you’ll find a wealth of terrific one-of-a-kind eateries that are the perfect complement to your Broadway experience.


Location, Location, Location

One factor that should help you choose a restaurant is proximity to the show you plan to see. If it’s raining, snowing, or oppressively hot, you’ll want to keep your time walking to a minimum. You’ll also be able to spend more time enjoying your meal if you don’t have to factor in travel time. Choose something a few blocks away.


On Point Service

A major advantage in choosing an independently owned restaurant is the quality of its service. Competition for theater district eateries is fierce and restaurants without great service don't last long. Successful Broadway area restaurants are popular because the staff knows how to get guests served in time to make their show’s curtain without feeling rushed. In fact, most of them will ask you when they’re seating you at your table if you’re seeing a show that night, just to ensure that your meal will come out in time.


9 of the Best Restaurants Near Broadway in NYC

We’ve put together a list of ten famed theater district restaurants chosen for their top-of-the-line service and proximity to certain areas of the theater district.



234 West 44th Street

At over 100 years old, Sardi’s is Broadway’s longest-running show. Best known for the famed caricatures that cover every inch of wall space, Sardi’s central location on West 44th Street makes it a quick walk to a dozen Broadway houses. 

Menu: Classic Italian


Joe Allen 

326 West 46th Street

Located on 46th Street just west of Eighth Avenue, Joe Allen has been a cornerstone of New York’s Restaurant Row since opening in 1965. The restaurant’s famous “wall of flops” may feature posters from ill-fated Broadway shows, but the food is always a hit. 

Menu: Classic American



228 West 52nd Street

Born in the Prohibition era, Gallagher’s was once the preferred haunt of gamblers, bootleggers, sports figures, and Broadway stars. And when you walk past the meat locker where steaks are aged to perfection, you’ll feel like you’ve been through a time machine. 

Menu: Steaks


Vice Versa 

325 West 51st Street

Superb service and elevated Northern Italian cuisine make this Hell’s Kitchen eatery a must for repeat visits. Perfect if you’re seeing a show north of Times Square.

Menu: Northern Italian



120 West 49th Street

A sumptuous raw bar, seafood towers, and fresh fish of the day on display in a spacious airy room is the perfect lure for eager pescatarians catching a show east of Times Square.
Menu: Seafood


Le Marais 

150 West 46th Street

Whoever said that kosher food was bland obviously never ate at Le Marais. Perfect for people with dietary restrictions, the kitchen at this French-infused steak house is equally skilled with vegan and gluten-free fare.
Menu: French, Steaks, Kosher


Gatsby’s Landing 

120 West 44th Street

With decor inspired by the jazz era, this new east-of-Times Square bistro offers top-flight New American cuisine with seasonal, organic,  farm-fresh ingredients, and one of the best brunches in the theater district.

Menu: American


Glass House Tavern

252 West 47th Street

Terrific for quick bites, a full dinner, and everything in between, this centrally-located bar and restaurant is terrific both pre- and post-show.

Menu: American


Russian Samovar 

256 West 52nd Street

Once the home to Jilly’s, a famed hot spot frequented by Sinatra and the Rat Pack, today, the room teems with live music, authentic chicken kiev, caviar, and a wide variety of infused vodkas.

Menu: Russian