Bushwick’s sheer size and diverse nightlife scene draw in crowds from all over the city! This fashionable north Brooklyn neighborhood borders Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant and is increasingly preferred as the destination for young professionals and creatives. 


The area is the perfect place for bar-hopping so you’ll have ample options to choose from when hunting for reasonably priced hangouts.  Save your time frantically searching for your new kickback easily with this guide to the best bars in Bushwick! 


Yours Sincerely

Yours Sincerly takes the time to put out expert craft cocktails that are both sustainable and delicious! This chill, intimate Wilson Avenue bar is easy to miss as you’re walking through Bushwick when it’s dark out. 


Keep your eye out for their red vertical sign spelling "cocktails" in neon lights. When you enter through the black wooden door, you’ll be greeted by a narrow corridor with the bar and a number of taps on the wall for your choosing. 



Coffee by Dawn, cocktails by Dusk. Sunrises/Sunsets is a multi-purpose establishment depending on what time of the day you swing by! 


The menu features delectable vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals, as well as cushy indoor seating and outdoor seating on their patio. The staff is friendly and the service is stellar! Happy hour starts at 5 p.m. so stop by during that time for the specials if you’re so inclined! 


Pearl’s Social & Billy Club

Since its opening in 2011, Pear’s Social & Billy Club has been highly favored for its eclectic decor, outstanding alcohol selection, great music, and overall inviting atmosphere. Come here to chat with friends, enjoy a romantic night out, or go solo with a nice draft beer in a mason jar. 


The crowd leans slightly older and laid back, so if you need a break from the younger party crowd then this is the place to be! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are typically the best times to go. 


The Rookery

A West-Indian and British pub with enviable patio space, medieval elegance, and good eats is at the heart of what The Rookery is all about! 


This Troutman street gem is very laidback, offering local draft beers, savory wines, and top-notch cocktails in 20-ounce glasses and bar bites like Deviled Eggs, chicken wings, and Deep Fried Oreos. The dinner menu also features must-haves such as the Oxtail Sloppy Joe or Mac and Cheese. Large booths and tables are available for board games, or just for eating and drinking with friends. 


The Cobra Club

What could be better than sipping on a $6 cocktail after getting through a heavy-metal yoga session? If this sounds appealing to you then The Cobra Club is where you want to be! 


This snug yoga studio turned part-time coffee shop and part-time bar tends to fill up quickly, so be prepared to rub elbows with practically everyone you see.


Truly one-of-a-kind, The Cobra Club provides a tiny back room for smokers, a pool table, and a karaoke room for those looking to blow off some steam or showcase their skills. 


Indulge in their cocktail menu where every drink is under $15! Uniquely named drinks like Devil Lock (a spicy margarita) and Angelfuck (vodka, lemonade, blueberry) aren’t just memorable, but delicious! This classic dive bar is great for those in need of an unpretentious, community center-esque venue catering to young adults who enjoy 80s dance parties.