Greenpoint is Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood, long being regarded as an area heavily composed of Polish immigrants and other working-class citizens- sometimes even being referred to as “Little Poland”. 


Like other neighborhoods, Greenpoint has a charm that pulls in diverse crowds looking for that hip and lowkey aura the region naturally possesses. Whatever you’re on the hunt for, you can pinpoint the best bars in Greenpoint with this carefully curated selection at your disposal. 



This comfy Manhattan Avenue gem provides an almost 70s-like intimate feel and rustic backyard area with reasonably priced drinks to boot! The classy selection of alcohol is complimented by the establishment’s down-to-earth bartender and A+ music selection. If nothing else, the stellar Negroini should make you consider becoming a regular. Troost is open every day from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. and their garden seating is available until midnight.  



Drawing on Scandinavian influence, this well-regarded bar is best known for its impressively wide collection of beer! Tørst- which translates to “thirst” from Danish- sports twenty-one rotating drafts, over 200 bottles, and a full food menu that also changes from time to time. Tørst also has a selection of natural wines, cocktails, and spirits just in case beer isn’t your drink of choice. 


Sunshine Laundromat

If you didn’t know any better, walking into this place would have you thinking it’s nothing but a run-of-the-mill laundromat with a few old arcade games in the front! Upon closer inspection though, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a whole world of fun to be had just behind the false washing-machine-shaped door that leads into the larger back room area. 


Sunshine Laundromat boasts a collection of over 25 pinball machines as well as a modest selection of popular drinks and board games. Almost all of the games are $1 each and for the best chances of getting an empty arcade game, try to arrive around 7 p.m.. 


Black Rabbit

With a dive bar-esque atmosphere and English undertones, Black Rabbit has long been considered one of Greenpoint’s most prominent venues for over a decade and a half. Its nineteenth-century-like wooden decor, fireplace, spacious outdoor area, Tuesday trivia nights, board games, and cozy booths appeal to the largest cross-sections of bar-goers possible. 


Black Rabbit also has plenty of tasty food from bratwurst to Frito Pie and boasts its signature cocktail, Berry Rabbit, which is infused with Tequila Blanco, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, and Lambrusco Wine.


Broken Land

Broken Land’s tiki-torch aesthetic compliments it's waterfront location and tropical assortment of cocktails, making this hip little hideout the perfect place to host your next party or event! Leather padding adorns the seats of the furnished interior while the brick walls and wooden tables provide the bar with a vintage feel. The back patio is open all year round, perfect for enjoying good music and a Frozen Piña Colada at a decent price.


Saint Vitus

If you love live music and are a metalhead searching for a first-rate rock venue, then Saint Vitus should be your next stop! As you walk in, you're greeted by a long hall waiting for the doors to open. After checking IDs and tickets, you’ll be ushered into the main bar area, a large room with a good amount of standing space. The bar leads into the main portion of the venue which has a modest stage and ample room to move around. The sound system is phenomenal and the acoustics take the performances to the next level.


Little Rascal

Innovation with a Turkish twist is what Little Rascal is best known for, not to mention the mellow and idyllic vibe of the place. Good for friends or a romantic evening for two, the restaurant menu is small yet steeped in traditional Mediterranean flavors. The cabin-like, low-lit ambiance pairs well with a bottle of red wine and menu favorites such as the spicy citrus lamb chops or chicken skewers, serviced with Meyer lemon yogurt and mini pepper pickles. Little Rascal also prides itself on having a cocktail menu influenced by famous mixologist Kieth Larry.



Good music is at the heart of this Japanese-inspired bar. Eavesdrop sports a minimalist look with a constant vinyl soundtrack in the background, warm, moody color change lighting draping the interior and acoustic panels and turntables spread throughout. The perfect spot for listeners, artists, and curators, Eavesdrop also offers an assortment of craft cocktails, natural wines, and small plates to keep you satisfied. The bar tends to fill up quickly so don’t hesitate to make a reservation beforehand or be prepared to put your name on the waitlist, it’s definitely worth it! 


Oak and Iron

Oak and Iron is one of those bars that makes you feel like you’ve come home every time you visit. This watering hole bills itself as a fun hangout for locals where happy hour runs until 8 p.m. and drinks only cost $4. A very unflashy bar, Oak and Iron is one of those places that won’t be jam-packed with people on a Friday night so there’s no need to rush there. The inside is clean and spacious and the chill atmosphere makes for a good time.



This lively cocktail bar has only continued to grow in popularity since first opening its doors in 2019. Ponyboy functions not just as a bar, but as a great venue for dance parties - in no small part due to their disco ball, stage, and neon signs-, a music hall, and even as an underground sushi society at times. The bar also puts on drag cabaret, comedy shows, and live music sets. Ponyboy is open from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day except Monday.