Midtown’s reputation as a classy, upscale Manhattan neighborhood is only bolstered by its assortment of fancy hotels providing the highest level of comfort guests could dream of. If you’re looking to stay in the city for a while, start your search in this part of it! The best hotels in Midtown are always accommodating new patrons and giving you the most for your money so you’ll have a completely stress-free experience. Here are some of the top picks to get you started:


Ritz-Carlton Central Park

With spacious rooms and a convenient location near the city’s most popular park, The Ritz makes guests want to stay as long as possible due to its grandiosity and enviable sights- both inside and outside the hotel. Service is friendly and courteous from the moment guests arrive and the air of formality and professionalism is the cherry on top. Their infamous La Prairie spa is noted to be one of the best in New York. 


Park Hyatt

Luxury and nostalgia done right, the Park Hyatt NYC is the place to be for five-star treatment. Many celebrities choose this flagship hotel due to the trendy restaurants and bars it’s surrounded by as well as the top-tier swimming pool and Living Room Bar serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Spa treatments are also available for guests to indulge in and relax.


The Peninsula

Shop-a-holics rejoice! This Midtown East location leaves guests right on Fifth Avenue and in arms reach of many glamorous storefronts tourists and residents alike can’t get enough of. The Peninsula is truly a luxury decked out with 241 rooms, 50 suites, a spa, an indoor pool, a rooftop bar, and an American-inspired restaurant known as Clement where guests can enjoy a delicious meal at their leisure. 


The Kitano

The Kitano combines Japanese-style decor with the refinement and glitz at the heart of New York City. A very charming boutique hotel, this establishment allows guests to sample Japanese-style green tea during their stay and adorns every room in a minimalist style with bamboo furnishings. The atmosphere is warm and intimate and guests are also able to access the hotel’s supper club and Hakubai restaurant on site. Not to mention it’s within super easy reach of Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building. 


The Knickerbocker 

Once the home of the wealthy and legendary Rockefeller family, The Knickerbocker provides unbeatable views of the city from every floor and incredible access to Times Square for those looking for some unforgettable entertainment to pass the time. The interior can only be described as calming and earthy while boasting impressive, modern architecture to admire.