Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without an indulgent confection to top things off, and pie is a classic staple that will never disappoint. Some pies are better than others though, and the best pies in New York City are truly something to try firsthand in order to get the most out of your holiday desserts. These bakeries stand out among the competition and are guaranteed to offer top-notch sweets as a staple for your spread. 


The pies at this TriBeCa storefront are famous for their homemade freshness and deliciousness. Fan favorites include the whiskey and apple crumble, coconut custard, and Michigan sour cherry. Individual pies are typically priced starting at $50. Bubby’s is open Monday through Thursday until 10pm and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday. 

Petee's Pie Company

Petee’s is beloved around the city for its multiple locations and consistently stellar pie quality. The Lower East Side shop offers an assortment of sweets (including gluten-free and vegan options) like salty chocolate chess, brown butter honey pecan, and sweet potato. For those needing a last minute emergency Thanksgiving pie, orders must be placed by November 20th. 

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Two sisters opened a bakery in Gowanus fourteen years ago and since then, Four and Twenty Blackbirds has cemented its status as a neighborhood gem. Authentic, handcrafted pies made with seasonal, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients have yielded classic and distinct flavors like salted caramel apple, brown butter pumpkin, and matcha custard.


The Blue Stove

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Blue Stove is once again offering patrons their infamous handmade small batch pies for a limited time. Options like pear ginger crisp and plumb crumble are sure to delight dessert lovers and add another layer of joy to the holiday season. Orders must be placed by November 16th.


Martha’s Bakery

Martha’s is a Queens-based shop with five locations scattered around the borough and none of them disappoint in terms of pie quality. The franchise is five decades strong, having had plenty of time to perfect its recipes and give its audience an unparalleled experience within the warm and inviting atmosphere of any of its storefronts. Guests can choose from flavors like key-lime, banana cream, apple crumb and so many more. 


Milk Bar

Truly a premier dessert shop, Milk Bar’s award-winning sweets have earned it a spotless reputation around the city. Their toasted oat crust pies in particular are irresistibly gooey, creamy, and melt-in-your-mouth tasty! Pumpkin pie has made a comeback for the season so be sure to place any orders sooner rather than later, as they won't be available to deliver between the 22nd and 25th. Milk Bar also has tons of storefronts in various locations around New York so stopping by is also an option.