Often unfairly overlooked as a borough, The Bronx is a bustling, diverse mecca of beloved attractions both well-known and under-discussed. It has contributed as much to New York City as any other borough and holds the unique distinction of being the only one not primarily located on an island. Consider these fun things to do in The Bronx next time you’re looking for new terrain to explore. 


The Bronx Zoo

No list would be complete without the country’s largest urban zoo! The Bronx Zoo is undoubtedly one of the best places to go for a fun-filled day, especially if you’re traveling with young kids. There are many attractions offered to the public as well and over 600 species of animals are housed within this massive zoo. On Wednesdays, you can book tickets at a discount so long as you do it in advance on the official Bronx Zoo website. 


Yankee Stadium

Almost fifteen years after its initial debut, Yankee Stadium continues to be an iconic destination for both diehard and casual sports fans flock to. One-hundred-sixty-two games are played each season, and depending on said game tickets can run for as cheap as $10. Fans can go on a weekday or during the weekend, but the summer is the best time to catch some action from these 27-time World Series champions. 


Bronx Museum of Arts

If you’re looking for a free, art and cultural epicenter off the beaten path then this is the place for you! The Bronx Museum of Arts hosts over two thousand works of art by a broad coalition of modern artists, many of whom tackle pressing contemporary issues about the local community at large. The museum also offers events, educational programs, and group visits for students. 


Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park boasts a size three times larger than more well-known parks such as Central Park. This hidden gem is thirteen acres long and over two thousand acres wide. Orchard Beach, the Bronx’s lone public beach, is located on Pelham Bay’s eastern shore while the the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum lies further north. This expansive treasure’s trove of activities cannot be overstated, it truly is something you have to see for yourself. 


New York Botanical Garden

A utopia for plant lovers, this botanical garden will leave you speechless with its astonishing, 250-acre menagerie of flora. Home to over one million plants, some of the oldest trees in the city can be found here, not to mention unique attractions such as the iconic Holiday Train Show featuring miniature NYC landmarks crafted from organic materials. Guided tours are also offered in the fall so visitors can see the breathtaking change in foliage for themselves which keeps visitors coming back time and time again.