Considered one of New York City’s top attractions, the Brooklyn Flea is an experience you must see for yourself! Co-founded in April 2008 by Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby, the market is located within DUMBO’s historical district on Pearl Street and runs from April to December, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. only on Saturdays and Sundays. 


When first arriving on Pearl Street, you’ll face a directory and map pinpointing fun things to do in DUMBO after you’re through with The Flea and a handful of vendors behind that as soon as you walk into the market’s vicinity. Getting to The Flea before 3 p.m. should provide you with more than enough time to see everything there is to see. 



Vendors are a diverse mix of up-and-coming local artisans, designers, jewelry makers, craftspeople, furniture makers, vintage clothes, antiques and record sellers, and many more creative merchants. One vendor offered a collection of vintage cameras for sale, while another displayed priceless African artifacts and jewelry for customers to peruse. 

As you make your way deeper into the vendor selection, you’ll find a whole host of them situated in the middle of Water Street. You’ll be surrounded on all sides by merchants bartering off more vintage clothing, handmade bike prints, old records, a variety of kitchen items, and even kimonos and baby clothes! 


Making your way to the very back of The Flea and to your left you’ll encounter Dumbo Station, a convenient pop-up offering patrons light snacks such as pretzels and popcorn, as well as both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages near a large seating area to relax and regroup. Near one exit leading out of the market, a large neon-blue sign spells out ‘DUMBO’ and is arguably the best area to take a memorable photo!


Circling back towards the front, there will be an inside area to your left and up a short flight of granite stairs ushering you into the inside part of The Flea, where the last set of vendors awaits. You’ll be greeted by a menagerie of items including (but not limited to) plants, handmade candles, handmade ceramics, handmade earrings, Chinese-style sticker prints, and even more, vintage clothes, t-shirts with custom-made designs, stickers, soaps, and crystals. 


Once you’re done inside, you’ll have seen the entire Brooklyn Flea! If it’s not closing time already then feel free to make your rounds one or two more times just in case you missed a section you really like or want to grab another snack for the road. 


Food & Drink in DUMBO

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, right across the street from The Flea are a few dining options for you to check out like The Love and Dough Pizzeria and the Archway Cafe less than 30 feet apart from one another. Walking down towards the intersection of Peal and Front Street, you’ll also encounter Los Tacos Al Pastor on your right which offers Mexican-oriented delights, and across the street is Superfine, specializing in American cuisine. 


Spending a couple of hours at this authentic, New York City market is a fantastic way to enjoy some fresh air while snagging some vintage gems in the process! 


Looking for more?

The creators of the DUMBO market are also responsible for two other locations in Williamsburg and Fort Greene, as well as the Chelsea Flea, which runs on the weekends all year round. 


The Flea also operates Smorgasburg, a giant all-food market that launched in May 2011 and runs from April to October. If you loved DUMBO’s Brooklyn Flea, then be sure to check out these locations as well!