Need the perfect bottle for a birthday, promotion, or housewarming party? You'll find it here.

Have you ever stood in front of a wall of Champagne, wondering which bottle to bring to a party or give to a friend? With so many excellent Champagne houses with different cuvées, picking the right bottle can be challenging. This article features my favorite bottles for giving, no matter the occasion. 


La Patiala Tip:

If you're bringing Champagne to a party and you think the host will want to open it, be sure the bottle is chilled. Don't chill if you want them to save it for a special occasion. That way, they won't feel any pressure to open it immediately. 


The Best All-Occasion Champagne

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs with eco-friendly Second Skin packagingRUINART

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne is my favorite to give for most events, including birthdays, housewarming parties, promotions, graduations, and general celebrations. It's more elevated than most non-vintage Champagnes, and it's widely available. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs costs under $100 so it's an affordable yet elegant option. I love that it comes in a proprietary “Second Skin” packaging that protects the bottle in transit. It is eco-friendly and isn't a bulky box. Just add a bow and a handwritten card. 



The Best Champagnes for Special Moments

Krug Grand Cuvée and Dom Pérignon Vintage ChampagneKRUG & DOM PÉRIGNON

When you really want to impress the recipient, break out Krug Grande Cuvée or Dom Pérignon. Krug is one of the richest, most opulent Champagnes, and it has a stunning bottle. It feels special and is perfect for a promotion, an anniversary, or a big birthday. Krug is more under the radar than a big brand like Dom Pérignon, so it can feel more unique. 

Of course, Dom Pérignon is one of the most well-known Champagnes that exist. It has a certain cachet that just makes it feel special. A bottle of vintage Dom Pérignon is a great choice as a gift for any special occasion. 



The Best Sparkling Wine and Champagne for Casual Celebrations 

Chandon and Nicolas FeuillatteCHANDON & NICOLAS FEUILLATTE

If there's a chance someone might pour orange juice in their bubbles, please don't bring fancy Champagne. Making a mimosa using Dom Pérignon should be a crime. A bridal shower or brunch would be the perfect occasion for an inexpensive but high-quality sparkling wine from California, like Chandon Brut. It has received many 90+ scores from wine reviewers and costs $20. If you want proper Champagne that won't break the bank, Nicolas Feuillatte is a solid choice for $40.  



The Best Champagne for the Fabulous Woman in Your Life

La Grande Dame 2012VEUVE CLICQUOT

La Grande Dame from Veuve Clicquot is perfect for special milestones in a woman's life. In fact, La Grande Dame means “the great lady” in French, which is how Madame Clicquot was known. She was a fierce businesswoman who revolutionized the Champagne industry, so it's a favorite present of mine for the women in my life who are celebrating professional achievements or launching new ventures. 



Skip the Gift Set

Many brands sell beautiful gift sets with glasses, but they aren't my favorite presents. Most people already have plenty of glassware, and you don't want to add clutter to their homes. In addition, many box sets include flutes, which I do not recommend for Champagne. (Discover the best glass for Champagne here.) Unless you know they collect a certain brand's glass or have mentioned needing more glasses, stick with just the bottle.