Every year begins with the best of intentions for 38.5% of Americans; that’s the percentage of U.S. adults who annually set New Year’s resolutions. But how well do those good intentions work out? According to an aggregate study of numerous New Year’s resolution statistics, not so good. Data shows that 23% of resolution makers quit within the first week, and only 35% make it past the first month. Only 9% successfully will keep their New Year’s resolutions for a full twelve months.


There are a lot of reasons why most New Year’s resolutions don’t stick. Maybe the goal was too broad. Or perhaps you’re just not ready to change. Most experts agree that adding incentives to any attempt to change behavior is a good way to improve success. In that spirit, we’ve picked five popular New Year’s resolutions and paired them with classic New York landmarks and experiences that may help motivate you to stay on track.

Eat Healthier  - Green Markets  

An improved diet came in fifth on the Forbes Health survey of New Year’s resolutions for 2024. The first step to achieving this goal starts with shopping for healthier foods. Lucky for you, you’re in New York where there are 138 green markets in operation. Explore seven of our favorite year-round markets, each with a personality as unique as the neighborhoods they operate in.


Get Your Steps In - Museums  

One of the simplest ways to improve fitness is to set 10,000 steps as a daily goal. But treadmills are boring, and cold and snowy weather in winter months can make long outdoor walks difficult. How about taking your steps inside? The Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts a staggering 2.2 million square feet of space where you can see famed paintings, sculptures, and artifacts while getting your steps in. Looking to expand your museum horizons to include culture and history? Check out our profile of the offerings on Museum Mile.


Meet New People - Volunteer Opportunities

There may be nearly nine million people in The Big Apple, but studies show that it’s difficult for most adults to meet new people as they get older. One great way to meet new people who share your values is to sign up to volunteer for a charity whose mission you feel passionate about. 


Volunteer shifts can vary from two hours to a whole day. That’s a lot of time to meet new people. You’ll feel great about the work you’re doing, and you may make a few new friends in the process. Here are five places you can volunteer to help our your fellow New Yorkers.


Take up Running - See More of the City

There are more than 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities in New York City. That’s a lot of options. And yet, most New Yorkers mostly choose to spend time  in parks that are closest to their home. So, if taking up running is your New Year’s resolution for 2024, why not consider taking the subway to start your run in another part of the city? Check out any of these running paths in all five boroughs to spice up your running routine. 


Get More Sleep - Visit a Landmark 

This one could be our favorite multitask. Did you know that the Empire State Building is consistently listed among three iconic New York City landmarks that native New Yorkers have never visited? Well, for New Yorkers who made getting more sleep a New Year’s resolution and have also never been to the fourth tallest building in the city, there’s good news. For as low as $30, you can take a nap in a private pod located inside the Empire State Building. Open daily except for major holidays.