Are you excited about the idea of going to see Broadway shows but get sticker shock when you see what it’s going to cost? You’re not alone. Four hundred dollars for a single premium orchestra seat is a price that makes most heads spin. And yet thousands of everyday people attend Broadway shows each week. How do they afford it? 


Do you know that you can see Broadway shows without taking out a second mortgage or dipping into your kid’s college fund? For every ceiling, there’s a floor. And just about every show on Broadway has some sort of discount. All you need is research, time, and luck. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research part. 


With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy Broadway on your budget. After all, as Kramer once quipped on an episode of Seinfeld, “Retail is for suckers!” 



Enjoy 20-50% discounts for select Broadway and Off-Broadway shows on the day of, or in some cases, the day before the performance. The catch is you have to buy in person at a TKTS booth. Here’s a tip. The TKTS Booth under the iconic red glass steps in Times Square almost always has a line. This usually isn’t a problem unless it’s raining, snowing, or really cold. But there is a second TKTS Booth located at 61 W 62nd St across from Lincoln Center that is located inside. It has the same inventory as the Times Square Booth, with hardly anyone waiting in line. Download the TKTS app for a real-time view of what shows are being offered at a discount.


Broadway Week and Kids Night

Twice a year in February and September, the theatrical trade association The Broadway League sponsors a semi-annual sale with two-for-one offers twice a year as part of their Broadway Week. They also sponsor Kids Night on Broadway in August and January, where you can bring a child in for free! For more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to NYC Broadway Week.


Standing Room

The term SRO (standing room only) is a real thing. Every Broadway show sells standing room at the back of the orchestra. The tickets–in most cases–are super cheap. There are a few catches. In most cases, all regular seats must be sold out before standing-room tickets go on sale. You can usually only buy them on the day of the performance. You can usually only buy them in person at the box office.  



Feeling lucky? Most Broadway shows set aside an allotment of tickets for each performance that are sold for anywhere between $10 and $50. For a complete guide to Broadway lotteries and how to enter them, check out our Guide to Broadway Lotteries.


Rush Tickets  

Have you ever walked through the theater district in the morning and seen people lined up in front of the theaters? Those folks are usually waiting for the box office to open to snag rush tickets. Prices for rush seats range from $30 to $50 depending on the show and can only be bought on the day of the performance. We recommend getting to the theater at least 40 minutes before the box office opens.


TDF Membership

Are you a teacher, student, union member, retiree, government employee, arts professional, freelancer, or member of the armed forces? If so, for the price of a $42 yearly membership, you can get access to the deepest discounts to Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional shows, dance performances, and concerts. Tickets can be as low as $15 and max out at $59 for Broadway musicals. The best part of it is your membership fee and part of every ticket you buy goes to support the Theatre Development Fund. This non-profit organization makes live performances accessible for all. For membership and eligibility requirements, visit