The sheer volume of restaurants and eateries in New York City can make exploring the city’s rich culinary landscape seem daunting. If you simply can’t narrow down your options, let alone organize your own NYC foodie itinerary, food tours are your friend. From all-encompassing tours of neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, and Hell’s Kitchen to expeditions focused on specific fare like pizza and pierogies, this curated list is your ticket to unlocking all the flavors of NYC. So, put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore the city in a new way: bite by bite.


NYC Food Tour: Chinatown and Little Italy

Dive into the heart of Manhattan’s multicultural culinary scene with the NYC Food Tour: Chinatown and Little Italy. Led by seasoned guides, this tour takes you on a sensory journey through the bustling streets of two iconic neighborhoods. In Chinatown, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the aromas wafting from sizzling woks as you sample authentic dim sum and discover hidden gems known only to locals. Then, you’ll move into Little Italy, where famous cannoli, mafia lore, and New York pizza await. 


With Empire Tours NYC, this fusion of flavors takes about two hours and costs $70 a head. Sponge cakes, pizza, dumplings, and cannoli ensure this tour is more than enough for lunch.

Chelsea Market and Highline Food Tour

For a fusion of gastronomy and urban exploration, the Chelsea Market and High Line Food Tour is a must. You’ll begin at Chelsea Market, a mecca for food enthusiasts where artisanal delights and international flavors converge. From freshly shucked oysters to piping hot vegan pastries, your journey through these labyrinthine halls will leave you wishing you had more room. The tour then pivots to the High Line, an elevated park with stunning views, offering the perfect setting to savor your delectable finds.


With Like a Local, this tour will run you about $75 per person. The three-hour experience will provide you with enough food for lunch, perhaps including Japanese-style tacos and fresh-baked doughnuts.

Pizza Walking Tour of Manhattan

In a city where pizza is practically a religion, the Pizza Walking Tour of Manhattan is a pilgrimage for pizza-lovers. Led by pizza afficionados, this tour navigates through the diverse neighborhoods of Manhattan, each offering a unique twist on a beloved classic pie. From the true-blue slices of Little Italy to the trendy pizzerias in Greenwich Village, this tour ensures you taste the full spectrum of New York-style pizza. You’ll engage with pizzaiolos, learn about the art of pizza-making, and discover why NYC is hailed as the pizza capital of the world.


Scott’s Pizza Tours offers visits to three different pizzerias, each demonstrating a different style popular in NYC, for $65 per person. Expect the tour to run you about two and a half hours.

Half-Day Hell’s Kitchen Food Tour and Central Park Stroll

Experience the culinary renaissance of Hell’s Kitchen, a.k.a. the Meatpacking District, paired with the natural beauty of Central Park on the Half-Day Hell’s Kitchen Food Tour and Central Park Stroll. You’ll begin in Hell’s Kitchen, where the diverse dining scene reflects the neighborhood’s rich history. Expect a variety of cuisines, including Cajun, Middle Eastern, and Latin. Afterwards, you’ll be able to temper your full belly with a leisurely stroll through Central Park, where you’ll learn about some of the Park’s best-kept secrets.  


Limited to eight people, this small-group tour organized by Manhattan Walking Tour offers an intimate foodie experience. This two-for-one tour is more of a commitment than some others on this list at four hours and $135 a pop.

Best of Brooklyn Half-Day Food and Culture Tour

Across the East River, the Best of Brooklyn Half-Day Food and Culture Tour is showing off the fact that Brooklyn is now a culinary destination in its own right. From artisanal cheeses in DUMBO to farm-to-fresh goodness in Williamsburg to Polish fare in Greenpoint, the tour captures the essence of Brooklyn’s varied culinary scene. You’ll engage with local artisans, enjoy handcrafted treats, and gain some illuminating insight into the borough’s vibrant history. 


Operated by New York Fun Tours, this half-day tour costs about $145 per person. You’ll travel by tour bus through four Brooklyn neighborhoods, and munch on at least two meals worth of courses.

Greenwich Village Food Tour

Led by knowledgeable guides, this tour unveils the hidden gems of the historic neighborhood of Greenwich Village. From world-class falafel to stellar Italian fare, this tour offers a taste of some of New York City’s most iconic dishes. As you navigate the cobblestone streets, your guide will point out hidden landmarks and provide insider knowledge about the neighborhood. Also, fans of Friends won’t want to miss this one: passing by the famous façade of the Friends apartment is part of the tour.


With Nice Guy Tours, the Greenwich Village Food Tour costs $95 per person. Making a minimum of seven food stops, expect it to run about three hours.

NYC East Village Pierogi Walk

If you’re craving something a little off the beaten path, or just a taste of Eastern European comfort food, turn to the New York City Pierogi Walk. This tour is a tribute to the Polish heritage that has left an indelible mark on New York’s culinary scene. Here, you can stuff yourself pierogis while exploring charming local eateries and learning about the history of this beloved dish. Beyond the traditional potato-and-cheese-filled dumplings, you’ll sample other Polish delicacies like spicy kielbasa sausage, and catch a glimpse into the old-world history of Little Poland and St. Mark’s Place.


Operated by Greg Walks NYC, this tour takes up an afternoon and will run you about $90 a head.