Amanda hampton
Amanda Hampton

Amanda Hampton is the resident Queens authority at NewYork.Com. She has lived in
Ridgewood since graduating from Emerson College in Boston, and loves helping people love the
area as much as she does. Previously, she was the Editor in Chief of Your Magazine, an Emerson
campus publication. She is currently working as a freelance writer and assistant talent manager.
Some of her favorite things are live music, Victorian furniture, and soup, and as such, she loves
finding new music and arts venues, antique shops, and ramen spots.

NYC Day Trips: The Perfect Rockaway Beach Day Itinerary

Recent New York transplants tend to frequently and loudly bemoan the lack of access to nature in the city, but longtime residents are well aware that there’s plenty of green space if you know where to look. From Forest Park to Meadow Lake, Queens has a lot to offer in the way of connecting with…

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Hidden Gems in Queens (From a Local!)

You’ve written the requisite bucket lists: The Met, the Statue of Liberty, the High Line, Central Park. You’ve shouldered your way through Times Square and wiped out spectacularly on the ice rink at Rockefeller Center. So, now what? Even longtime New York City residents can’t claim to have…

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5 Mouthwatering Restaurants in Flushing Chinatown

If you want all the dynamic bustle and outstanding authentic cuisine of Manhattan’s Chinatown but want to skip the sweaty shoulder-to-shoulder press of tourists, hop on the 7 train to Flushing. Queens is home to New York City’s second-largest Chinatown, a fusion of cultures where you might find an…

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Take the N train past Times Square and Central Park, and you’ll find yourself in a mecca of international cuisine. Astoria may be well-known for its Greek fare, and for good reason – the influx of Greek immigrants to the lively Queens neighborhood brought with them some of the most authentic…

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